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Holiday Angel (Yule) by Lunakinesis Holiday Angel (Yule) by Lunakinesis
An entry for the contest on Dolls-Maker-Paradise

As a Celtic Pagan, I felt it fitting to create an angel representing the major festival for us (as well as other Pagan faiths and Wicca) at this time of year: Yule! 

A run down of the choices here: 

Blue: the most typical colour of the Yule candles, it is typical lit on what is now commonly Christmas Eve and left to burn through the night or lit on what is now Christmas Day and left to burn through the day. It's to be lit each day through the twelve days of Yule. The candle offers blessings and protective and it's bad luck for it to go out on its own! It must be deliberately extinguished and care must be taken to prevent it from being blown out (Believe me I have had a panic running around to protect it when people have open doors/windows and created a draft). Blue's also a 'cold' colour so it worked for a base for a wintery design.

Brown: or the Yule log! This is an oak log brought into the home and left to burn, there's different customs amongst people, some left/leave it to burn for 12 hours, others for days. Much like the candle, it's important it doesn't burn out on its own as it's a bad omen, it must be intentionally extinguished and it mustn't burn entirely away as part of the log will be use to light/kindle next year's. The ashes that do form are collected and used in protective and healing charms or for fertiliser! (Sadly, I don't have a Yule log since I don't really have the means of acquiring a giant oak log, nor anywhere to burn it pfff) 

White: For mistletoe! 

Green: For mistletoe leaves as well as evergreen leaves/sprigs/branches used for decorating. 

Mistletoe: Mistletoe grows on many trees (as a parasitic plant), amongst them is the oak tree - which you know from above plays a big part in Yule! It's held with great respect because of this, and is often used to decorate the Yule candle as well as for other decorating. It's another protective element, often associated with storms it is said to offer protecting from lightning and fire, two things a thunderstorm can bring. 

Ashes: Okay so in the dollmaker itself those are not ashes, but I made them a silvery-grey to represent it. As mentioned above, the ashes from the Yule log are gathered when it's put out and used to make charms or fertiliser. 

So they you go, some key components of Yule! There's other things too but I didn't want something overtly-busy for this. Holly is often used for decorating alongside mistletoe, Wassail is used for toasting (think like wine or champagne), there are carols and rituals too, but you get the idea. 

Epic Angel by AzaleasDolls 
Supremechaos918 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2016  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Wow! Very beautifully designed, Shay! Best of luck in the contest! I hope you win! :aww: :heart:
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November 18, 2016
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